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Interested in contributing to the blog? We accept submissions ranging from articles, photographs, book reviews, videos, sketches/paintings and any other format that expresses your views on women and politics.

“The Clandestine” seeks to explore the complex relationship between women, gender and politics. We welcome articles that postulate ideas and arguments revolving around anything from current events to theoretical analysis. We also encourage creative analysis through a gender lens regarding any topic that you choose. We will not accept articles that could be considered hate speech. This means that we will not publish any writing that targets a group, movement or individual based on race, religion, ethnic origin, sexual orientation, disability, gender, class, etc. Publishing of articles does not indicate the personal opinion of the editorial team or officers.

Keep in mind that your topic does not need to revolve primarily around women, rather your roles can be to switch the focus from a non-gendered debate, opinion or issue, into one focused on gender perspectives.

For information on article formats see our Guidelines page.

For further guidance, remember to email us at: wpsoc.blog@gmail.com

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