Regular Contributors

Our regular contributors are students who are highly motivated and involved with our blog. They publish an article every six weeks on a wide variety of topics, and are the main source of content for the blog.

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Giulia Calvi



Giulia has just finished her final year at King’s with a degree in Philosophy, and she is currently studying for her Master’s in Curating the Art Museum at the Courtauld Institute of Art. She is passionate about history, art, queerness and queer representation in pop culture, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights, war and family narratives, genealogy and anything else human.

Lauren Mossman



Lauren was raised in Yorkshire and is going into her third year of attempting a history degree and trying to make her way in London. When she’s not reading about 20th century Latin America or the History of Women’s rights, she spends her time listening to albums ranging from the Beatles to Lauryn Hill and usually crocheting or cooking something Italian while she does.

Natalia Vasnier


Picture natalia

Natalia Vasnier is from France. She is a second year History student at King’s and has a strong passion for journalism and obviously history. Her interests are gender, politics and foreign policymaking in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. 


Kayleigh Best

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Kayleigh is a recent History graduate from King’s with a passion for gender and queer history, LGBTQ+ representation, and gender equality. Outside of academia, she can often be found rowing, at a gig, or speed-baking chocolate chip cookies.


Patricia Szima


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Patricia Szima is a Second Year Political Economy student with an interest in gender equality -with a focus on the workplace. Enjoying the sunset on the beach, baking fudgy brownies, and playing Scrabble are her favourite activities.

Saga Jaubert



Saga Jaubert graduated from King’s last year with a degree in War Studies and History, and is now studying for a Master’s in Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris. She is interested in international affairs focusing on conflicts and intelligence, and is passionate about feminist issues and their manifestation in everyday life.

Sara Dozai


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Sara is a KCL Law student from Croatia who is passionate about the creative arts such as writing, drawing, painting & music. She loves fashion and foreign languages, and would therefore like to work for a magazine one day. Besides this, she loves to drink coffee with her friends at all times, even if it’s 3AM.

Anna Gregoletto Bettin


Anna is a second-year European Politics student passionate about politics, feminism, LGBTQ+ rights and academic research. In my free time, I love reading non-fiction books (about pretty much anything) and painting portraits with oil colours.

Areeshya Thevamanohar


Areeshya Thevamanohar is a third year Politics student at King’s. Growing up in Malaysia, and then moving to London, she hopes to keep exploring the interchangeable relationship between gender and societal norms.



Grace is a second year medical student at King’s with a passion for medical humanities, closing the gender data gap, and perfecting the chocolate chip cookie. When not out walking she can usually be found in front of a sewing machine, behind a computer, or inside a book.

Ellie Macmillan-Fox


Ellie is doing a Master’s in Climate Change: Environment, Science and Policy. She also did her undergraduate degree at King’s in History and International Relations. She has a keen interest in women’s participation in global politics, as well as environmental politics. 

Camilla Kristensen


Camilla is a second-year International Relations student, who is interested in politics, diplomacy and international law.  She is as passionate about equality and social mobility, as she is addicted to coffee.

Lea Buecker


After finishing her BA in English with Film at King’s, Lea decided to stay for another year to pursue a Master‘s in Shakespeare Studies and the Principal‘s Global Leadership Award. She loves the Victorian age, black coffee, and hot sauce; and her goal is to establish a programme that establishes access to higher education for working class kids.

Mara Darivaki


Mara is a third year Politics student interested in the intersection of politics and religion, and how that relationship affects our views on gender and sexuality. She also enjoys exploring the postcolonial aspects of the notions of the feminine and the masculine.