Meet the Editors

The Editors are the people in charge of the everyday running of the blog. They take care of everything from the administrative to the creative. They sometime publish pieces of their own, but their primary function is facilitating the publication of the many brilliant voices featured on The Clandestine.

The Editor-in-Chief also serves as Vice President of the KCL Women & Politics Society, and is voted in for each academic year by the members of the Society. The Features, Creative and Column Editors are selected by the Editor-in-Chief and the KCL W&P Society over the summer through an application process and interview.

Elaine Shak –  Editor-in-Chief



Elaine Shak is a second year student at King’s, her studies revolving around literature and the classics. She is particularly interested in feminism and how women are represented in politics, and you can find her reading seminal texts by influential women, such as Simone de Beauvoir and Virginia Woolf during her spare time.  Elaine is also interested in a wide range of topics, from decolonisation to psychology, and tries to explore how different theories intersect and are interconnected.  In addition to her academic responsibilities,  Elaine enjoys watching Netflix, stressing out over how there are too many books to read but too little time, and drinking too much coffee. 

Francesca Verge – Features Editor



Francesca Verge is a second year International Relations student at KCL. She’s particularly interested in security and peace studies and was a contributor for this blog in her first year of university. Outside of KCL, she loves exploring new areas of London, discussing good music, enjoys a good pint of beer and is interested in learning new languages, having grown up in a multicultural family. Francesca was greatly inspired by a high school anthropology class on gender theory, where she first became motivated to challenge the social constructs to which most of us are blind.


Milou Klein – Column Editor 



Milou is a second year Politics student, originally from the Netherlands. Growing up in a small town in a rural area has made her want to explore different parts of the world, so moving to London has been the best decision. When she is not at uni, you can probably find her rummaging through vintage shops all over London. Some of Milou’s many interests include social and environmental justice and, of course, writing about these topics. She is passionate about community work which shines through in her various volunteering efforts. In her free time she loves cooking veggie food, exploring new places in London and arguing over politics with anyone willing.


We would also like to thank the previous editors, Madison Miszewski, who edited the blog from 2018 to 2020, Hannah Bondi, who edited the blog from 2017 to 2018, and Carina Minami Uchida and Celia Pannetier, who edited the blog from 2016 to 2017.