Meet the Current Events Reporters

The Current Event Reporters, are Regular Contributors to The Clandestine, with a specific area of interest, on which they publish monthly pieces.

 The Current Event Reporters are selected by the editors team through applications and an interview process. If you are interested in becoming a Current Events Reporter contact us via email on We are always looking for new voices and passions to bring to The Clandestine!

Maisie Allen – Arts and Culture



Maisie Allen is a third year Liberal Arts student at KCL majoring in English Literature. She is passionate about accessibility within the arts, socialism, feminist podcasts, and her cello.

Manvi Dixit – BAME Politics & Representation



Manvi is a third year English Literature student and a big advocate of intersectional feminism. This includes questioning what feminism means to us in today’s society and challenging the idea the 3rd wave’s morals have truly been emulated. Belonging to the first generation of an Indian immigrant family, these matters are of great importance to her. She is also super passionate about how film industries across the globe reflect politics. In her free time, Manvi loves going on long walks, cooking dishes inspired by different cuisines and reading poetry. Particularly Dickinson, Plath and Lorde!  

Alexandra Zalokosta – Environmental Impact & Health 



Alexandra Zalokosta is a third year student in Medicine and hopes to one day work for Doctors without Borders. Having grown up in Greece during a time of economic, social and political crisis, she has come to appreciate the power and value of being informed and, even more so, of getting involved. Passionate about climate justice and a self-proclaimed tree-hugging hippie, she loves a good protest. In her spare time she also tries to be a writer and hopes to one day work up the courage to try stand-up comedy.

Hannah Martinez – Global Politics & Security


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Hannah Martinez is a second year War Studies student. She is deeply interested in current political events and international relations that she finds particularly challenging in our contemporary time. Also, she is that girl who officially is too snobbish to watch certain Netflix shows and goes to art galleries but secretly loves KUWTK.

Lucia Pastrana – Global Politics & Women’s Security



Lucia is a second year International Relations student. She is passionate about social justice and feminist economics. Growing up in Latin America, she developed a special interest in understanding and tackling forms of intersectional gender, class and race oppression in post-colonial societies. She is also interested in development economics and is keen to learn more about it. Outside of university, she enjoys listening to jazz, petting dogs and a good conversation with a pinch of  sarcastic humor.

Rosie Mccann – UK Politics & Brexit



Rosie is a third year History student at King’s, who grew up in the North West of England. Her experiences as a working-class woman from a small industrial town inspired in her a passion for social mobility and representation in higher education. She expresses this passion through her role as a Student Success and Social Mobility Officer for KCL and as an Alumni Advisor for the Sutton Trust, aiming to give back to the outreach schemes that allowed her to progress to higher education. Her academic interests are far reaching, yet always seem to come back to class and how it intersects with history. You can often find her sipping on an overpriced pint, trying desperately hard to win the weekly pub quiz with her friends (but usually failing.)