Changing Sex on Screen

Contains mentions of sexual, racial, and homophobic violence/discrimination, and spoilers for Bridgerton, I May Destroy You, and It’s a Sin

On the Remarkable Versatility of Shame

From the onset of puberty, girls are taught to fear their sexual nature and hide their bodies as changes in their physical appearance reveal an ‘impure’ part of themselves.

“I’m Not Queer Enough”: Women and Bisexual Erasure

Giulia Calvi has just finished her final year at KCL with a degree in Philosophy, and from this autumn she will be studying for her Master’s in Curating the Art Museum at the Courtauld Institute of Art. She is passionate about history, art, queerness, LGBTQ+ rights, war and family narratives, genealogy and anything else human….

Women in Academia: Carol Ann Duffy

Women in Academia is a reading group initiative by the Women & Politics society created to highlight women in (surprise) academia, by reading academic texts written by women in humanities and discussing them on a bi-weekly basis.  Last Wednesday we had our first reading group of 2020! This year our focus is to incorporate a…

The Assumption of Shame in Studying Gay and Bisexual Authors

Olive Franklin is second year English Literature student with a passion for poetry, politics and pale ale’s, she can often be found holed up next to a pile of books that almost-definitely aren’t on her course-list. She is currently Theatre Editor for STRAND magazine. [Featured Image: A stack of thirteen books in rainbow order, from…

Why the Emergence of Gay Parents on Screen Matters

Lea Buecker is a final year English and Film student. Her passions are texts, theatre, and Tabasco. If she’s not reading a book, she’s probably working on an article, writing a play, or watching cat videos online. [Featured Image: Rachel Berry, protagonist of the hit TV show Glee, holding an ‘L’ over her forehead against…