The Double Standards of Colonial Feminism

Megan Baker is a second year undergraduate History student at King’s. She is particularly interested in women’s unpaid care responsibilities, maternity leave provision, reproductive rights and violence against women. In 2002, President George W. Bush used the liberation of Afghan women from the Taliban to justify the US invasion of Iraq. Bush stated that ‘respect for…

Changing Sex on Screen

Contains mentions of sexual, racial, and homophobic violence/discrimination, and spoilers for Bridgerton, I May Destroy You, and It’s a Sin

“I am Speaking!”

Welcome to the Clandestine’s new column, Children of the Patriarchy! Every other Wednesday we will post a column on anything and everything patriarchy related. Whilst most of us are already painfully aware of the patriarchal structure surrounding us, we often do not realise how deeply rooted its effects are. That’s why we are here! Every…

The BBC’s Entanglement With The N-Word

A news outlet as huge as the BBC, whose influence is not only national but worldwide, broadcasted (not once but twice in a week) a white reporter using the N-Word.

Being Non-White at a White University: It’s Time to Decolonise

Sarah Nizarali is a first-year History and Iberian Studies student. She hopes to one day go into post-colonial studies and research the Lusophone and South Asian world. In her free time, she tries to run away from commercialisation, tucking herself into tiny coffee shops, independent films and the mountains. [Featured Image: The Maughan Library’s cream…