Hilma af Klint: the Spiritual Quest to Modernism

Saga Jaubert graduated from King’s last year with a degree in War Studies and History, and is now studying for a Master’s in Public Affairs at Sciences Po Paris. She is interested in international affairs focusing on conflicts and intelligence, and is passionate about feminist issues and their manifestation in everyday life. [Featured Image: Group…

The Need for Women in Leadership

Clearly, it is not a lack of skills or qualifications that lead to the lack of women in high-decision making levels. So, what is it?

“I am Speaking!”

Welcome to the Clandestine’s new column, Children of the Patriarchy! Every other Wednesday we will post a column on anything and everything patriarchy related. Whilst most of us are already painfully aware of the patriarchal structure surrounding us, we often do not realise how deeply rooted its effects are. That’s why we are here! Every…

Feminine AND Powerful: Can Women be Both?

You may be thinking at this point, is this really important and worth talking about? The answer is no, what a female politician chooses to wear really should not be something worth commenting on. Yet it is.