Gabrielle Caunesil: An inspiring story of perseverance while dealing with endometriosis

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Gabrielle Caunesil is a French model, influencer, and founder of fashion brand La Semaine Paris. She is also one of the many women suffering from endometriosis. Endometriosis is a condition that affects many women, where tissue similar to the lining of the womb starts to grow in other places, such as the ovaries and fallopian tubes. It is a long-term condition that can impact one’s life significantly.

Gabrielle’s story with endometriosis started before she even knew she had it. Ever since her first period at around age 15, she has had a number of endometriosis symptoms including pelvic pain. Many might say that she discovered the disease later than she should have, attributing it to carelessness or because she didn’t regularly visit the gynecologist. I assume people do this to comfort themselves and live in peace thinking this could never happen to them, since they do everything they are supposed to. Well, this would be wrong- Gabrielle in fact went to the gynecologist every year since getting her period, and was not diagnosed with endometriosis for 15 years. She even consistently told the gynecologist how painful her periods were getting, but it was to no avail. 

Cut from a 15-year old Gabrielle who assumed extremely painful periods were the norm to 29-year old Gabrielle who is happily married to Riccardo Pozzoli and starting a family with him. After a year of trying to conceive a baby, nothing was happening. Since neither her nor her husband were aware of any problems, they went to see a fertility- or rather infertility- specialist. They were expecting to hear that they were too stressed or that perhaps there was a deficiency in vitamins or minerals hindering them from their dream of enlarging their family. However, this was unfortunately not the case. The specialist asked Gabrielle about her medical history and decided to perform an echography of the uterus on her using 3D technology. She was then diagnosed with endometriosis. This is not the end in terms of medical diagnoses, as the specialist also told her that she had a cyst, which can often occur to women who suffer from endometriosis. Gabrielle went to her regular gynecologist 7 months prior to this and asked specifically if she perhaps had a cyst because she felt pain. Cysts are often painful, and can especially cause pain during sexual intercourse. The gynecologist told her that everything was fine- this was false, as the specialist she went to told her that the cyst was present even 7 months before her visit, given that it had gotten bigger and worse. Due to this, she had to have emergency surgery.

When taking all of this into consideration, I can’t even imagine the physical pain Gabrielle endured, not to mention the emotional pain of finding all this out on the same day after years and years of enduring pain, not being treated and given a diagnosis. Her strength and that of other women who have had similar experiences and continued to live life to the fullest inspire me daily. I find it incredibly remarkable that she became a famous influencer, model and founder of a business all while enduring pain on a monthly basis. Gabrielle has since recovered from her surgery and is continuing to let people glimpse into her life, seeing the brightness of her soul in moments of happiness as well as in those of sadness. She still endures pain due to endometriosis, due to there being no cure for it so far, but she continues to be positive through it all. A big factor in this is her husband who took care of her after the surgery and is an incredible support to her during physical hardships while dealing with the disease as well as during emotional ones. Gabrielle Caunesil is now a strong 29-year old who is fighting her battle with endometriosis every day and by the looks of it, she is winning. She manages to run La Semaine, be an amazingly loving wife and a careful soon-to-be mother. Despite endometriosis, Gabrielle and her husband managed to conceive. This is a beautiful ending to one story as well as an incredible beginning of the next one.

All in all, this made me realise that even while we are dealing with hardships, we should still be able to find the light in ourselves to be good people and accomplish our dreams. Gabrielle Caunesil is an inspiration to me and many others due to her perseverance, kindness, and positivity in light of all the problems and obstacles she has faced.By way of ending this article, I would like to encourage anyone who has any of the symptoms of endometriosis ( ) to contact their GP and/or the helpline on the Endometriosis UK website ( Furthermore, if you personally don’t experience any of these symptoms, but know someone that does, please do let them know of the services available and encourage them to check it out.


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